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How To Protect Yourself Online

If you’re like me, the vast majority of your financial assets reside in cyber-space with only a login ID and password protecting your accounts. While many financial intuitions provide some sort of guarantee, a hack will nonetheless create a major … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen Return for 2016

Now that the books are closed for 2016, time to check in to see how my Baker’s Dozen performed. After a blistering first six months, the returns leveled off with losses in the third quarter followed by gains in November … Continue reading

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Investing With A Trump Administration

Whenever there’s change in administration and policy, there’s opportunity in the financial markets, regardless of how one feels about the outcome. While we have seen a big run-up in all the major indices since the election, there may be some … Continue reading

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Time To Change The Electoral College

For the second time in just 16 years the winner of the electoral college did not win the popular vote, causing tumult across America. True, the campaigns may have been run differently if the popular vote was the determinant, and … Continue reading

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Update on the Baker’s Dozen

Back in late January when the markets were in turmoil and oil was falling, I recommended 13 stocks with a history of increasing dividends. If you had invested $100,000 equally in these in January, today they would be worth $118,450 … Continue reading

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